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My name is Matthias Schaub and one of my passions is photography. But this site is not about me - its about Photography.  The name of the site refers to the true meaning of the term "Photo-graphy". It mainly presents outdoor pictures, nature, landscape and wildlife shots. It acts as a platform for presentation of my pictures. I appreciate if you have a look at some of my work. If you want to discuss with me about photography, camera gear, do a project with me or buy a picture - let me know.












Nature and Photography today

Nature photography always asks for picturing pure, real untamed wilderness. In the next decades the human species will decide to what extend places like this will still be existent for following generations. A dratstic change of human thinking is required. The longer we dont see ourselves anymore as a part of our ecosystem earth, the darker the future will get for all of us. And thats not a question of belief, its what modern science tells us!

The resources and environmental pollution for the production of camera gear and all of the journeys I have taken clearly contrast my deep convictions. But there are worse things than trying to record how raw and perfect the untouched wilderness of our planet once was. There are far worse weapons then a camera, no matter how useless it might appear in the end...

The Pioneers of the future won`t climb the highest mountains or dive the deepest oceans anymore. They will be solution and answer finders on where we want to go and how we can get back in touch with the cycles of the ecosystem we are part of. For solving all this, it will still take what it always took to be a Pioneer: A strong motivation for a specific thing, beeing confident of your personal skills and a fearless optimist - regardless how hopeless the situation might get. Lets be pioneers! Lets not dicuss about if the glass is half emtpy or half full! Lets find out how we can fill it up again!


Ihre Angaben wurden erfolgreich versandt.

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